Produces electric power in collaboration with companies “DAM Clean Power”, “Furci Uno”, “Scerni Uno”,“Energy Ten” which mainly deal with the production of electricity, transforming renewable energy sources (mainly solar and wind power) using production plants (photovoltaic, wind, etc…) with the purpose to sell it to GSE S.p.A. under special price regime;

has been designing and building distribution networks of natural gas for over thirty years, and all related works. It is specialized in building the section that goes from the Delivery Point of the high pressure National Transport Network (Pressure > 50 bar) to the Re-delivery Point at the service of final customers (pressure =22 mbar), through decompression chambers and steel and polyethylene pipes. “Metaedil” built property networks and networks on behalf of other customers such as Italgas (Apulia 30, Molise 01), Toscana Energia (Replacement of the methane gas network in cast iron and steel with polyethylene pipes in the Municipality of Florence). The development of installed networks exceeds 500 km and the number of users connected to the gas networks exceeds 80,000 units;



distributes natural gas in collaboration with company “Metaedil”, which mainly deals with the management of local distribution networks, ensuring high safety and service standards. Metaedil operates in the sector as licensee on behalf of 13 Municipalities in the Province of Avellino, 2 Municipalities in the Province of Salerno and 1 Municipality in the Province of Benevento. The development of the managed networks exceeds 200 km and the number of users connected to the managed networks exceeds 15,000 units. The company also offers Maintenance and Emergency services on behalf of third parties (North Molise area on behalf of Italgas, Florence area on behalf of Toscana Energia);

sells electric power and natural gas in collaboration with companies “Metaedil com” and “Enone” which mainly deals with the sale of natural gas and electric energy to any type of customers . The energy is purchased on the national and international market using the most sophisticated procurement and sale optimisation systems to final customers or resellers, with high quality service standards.



builds civil and industrial works and infrastructures through “D’Agostino Angelo Antonio Costruzioni Generali”, company which mainly operates in the public building sector. The points of strength in the building sector consist in quick delivery times and highly reliable and quality works, result of an approach to manage customer relations and job sites with professionalism and seriousness. These qualities led the company to grow quickly through the years, obtaining different certifications from public and private bodies, in addition to many SOA certifications.