The history

D’Agostino company, has been founded in 2011 by Angelo Antonio D’Agostino, after about 30 years of consolidated experience on field performed by the D’Agostino Costruzioni Generali company s.r.l.. Up to date 12 trade branches involved in various fields (contruction/energy market, communication, services) belong to the prime company. Since the beginning of its activity, the company reached important goals for the performed bulding  quality based on good relationship with the clients and skilled personnel.

One of theses important targets has been reached in L’Aquila with the construction of 7 isolated buildings (3 floors each) on sismic isolator joints after the earthquake of the 6th of april 2009 and handed over to the client in only 75 solar days. Other important goals have been acquired in the succesfull construction of gas distribution network in many Italian cities. The obtained results allowed the company to expand its business in Europe.

More than 400 MV of wind power plant and more than 100 MV of photovoltaic plants, allowed to the company to enforce its leading position on the Italian market. About the 12 above mentioned branches Metaedilcom, Clean Power Dam, involved in the energy sector, Seven Service dedicated to services for business, an Italian wine brand named Cantine Catena and Primativvù (Italian channel TV) confirm the versatility and solidity of the group.